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Warming up your winter design palette

We all know that the classic nautical design colours of white, blue and shades thereof will never go out of style, but when winter wraps its icy claws around our shores one inevitably craves cosiness and comfort. Here’s how to bring a bit of winter warmth to your coastal decor.

Colour is a good starting point when tailoring your interior design for winter. For simple, quick tweaks to your summery coastal palette, opt for throw pillows or decor items in rich winter colours like red or orange, however remember not to use too many accent colours and be consistent. Or if you want to keep it neutral, try to introduce warmer tones like cream, ivory or beige and earthy shades of brown and khaki.

Organic materials such as sea grass, bamboo, straw and jute, in the form of rugs, furnishings and accessories, bring a natural warmth and texture to coastal interiors. Speaking of texture, creating contrast through different fabrics is a sure fire way of adding a luxurious and warm feel to living spaces. Try incorporating materials like wool, faux fur, velvet and cashmere into your decor along with wood and woven rattan furniture.

And don’t forget lighting! Try to bring as much natural light as possible into your home by using light, neutral window shading and accentuating light through a few carefully located mirrors and glass decor elements. Good lighting is essential for keeping your spaces airy and fresh, even while aiming for a warmer ambiance. Candles are also a must-have decor staple for an inviting winter glow.

Floors play an important role in warming or cooling your interior. Think about it – in summer your tiles create a cool oasis for you and especially your darling pets, but when it’s cold nobody wants to walk barefoot on those icy tiles! Persian-themed rugs are an obvious choice because of their deep, rich colours and intricate patterns, but you can also layer loose carpets of different textures and thickness to create even more character and warmth in a room.

And after your winter decor do-over, all that’s left is to unwind in your snuggly sanctuary. Light the fireplace, pour a steaming cup of your favourite hot drink, and grab that book you’ve been wanting to read for ages.

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