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The beachhouse joins hands with Clean C to clear our beaches of fireworks

Guy Fawkes Day, held annually on 5 November, is known for dazzling displays of fireworks – also on our Cape beaches. And while pretty to look at, these fireworks leave a massive mess in their wake, and this litter lands up in the ocean with disastrous consequences for marine life. This year, the beachhouse wines will be partnering with Clean C to rid our beaches of the debris caused by fireworks and restore them to their natural, pristine state.

Join our team of volunteers on 5 November at the Table Bay beachfront, where we will be doing a night cleanup after the fireworks. This will continue the next morning, 6 November at 8 am, with News Cafe Table View treating all participants to a fabulous complimentary breakfast afterwards. And yes, there will be a vegetarian option too. Bags and gloves will be provided.  So dress comfortably and come prepared to work and get stuck into making our coast beautiful again.

Clean C also encourages those who care about the environment to get involved in their recycling project, because keeping our beaches clean and not filling up landfills go hand in hand. To find out how you can become part of this fantastic initiative, visit

And to find out more about the Guy Fawkes Beach Cleanup and how you can join the event, click through to either Cape Town Beach Cleanup, the beachhouse wines and News Café Facebook pages to sign up and keep up to date on what will be happening. Let’s make it a massive turn-out and embrace the responsibility for keeping our beautiful beaches clean and safe. And remind everyone to make footprints the only things you leave at the beach!