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Bringing the Beachhouse lifestyle into your home is the first step towards the relaxation you crave and the Beachhouse is here to help you turn your house from a city dweller into a sprawling mecca fit for a queen or king.

Furniture is your biggest decorating investment, and that makes it so important to choose the right pieces.  It is difficult balancing between price and quality and often knowing where to purchase your furniture of choice becomes an 8 to 4 job in itself.

·         Focus on 1 room at a time

·         Decide what needs to be replaced and what doesn’t.  Will painting an old chair give it the look and feel you desire?

·         Make a list of furniture you want to buy.

Once you have decided the above, it is about what you prefer.  If you don’t prefer colour to decorate, then evoke a beach house feel by pairing shades of white, grey, and sand with furniture made of reclaimed wood.

Some additional handy tips for the Beachhouse enthusiast courtesy of

·         Make your indoor spaces flow seamlessly with the outdoors.

·         Throw pillows are a perfect way to add pattern to a beach house living room, but also consider unexpected treatments.

·         Design your living space to feel the ocean around you. Use mosaic glass in seaside colors to frame the fireplace, and a row of paintings depicting palm fronds against cloud-strewn skies brings the breeze indoors.

·         Decking your living room seating in light fabric is a great way to keep clean and give it that real Beachhouse mind set

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