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Rugs that beach house dreams are made of

We’re still very much in the icy grip of winter, and you may well find yourself cooped up inside your seaside hideaway, longing for long walks on the beach on balmy days. Or maybe you’re revelling in the slower pace and snuggle of the sleepy season. Whatever the case, many people feel the urge this time of year to awaken somewhat from their winter hibernation and break the dull monotony of winter with a fresh spruce of decor that will pave the way for sunnier climes. Rugs are a great place to start – nothing beats a great rug for an instant feel of luxury and warmth, while it can simultaneously give your space a fresh, invigorating appearance and a unique personality. Here’s a look at some dreamy rug ideas that ooze novel coastal inspiration from winter through spring and beyond.  

Stripes never go out of style

Simple stripes might be a classic nautical trend, but you needn’t only stick to the tried and trusted shades of white and blue. Think exotic or monochrome, high contrast or pinstripes – the sky is the limit.

Add a pop of colour

Awake from your winter slumber with a splash of bold colour – a bright rug makes for a wonderful focal point in a room and adds a personal ambience.

Soul-soothing naturals

Bring a feel of the outdoors inside with soft, natural textures and colours. The tranquil touch of natural fabrics like wool, sea grass, coir, jute and sisal is perfect for any room, from bed- and bathroom, kitchen to living room. See for more inspiration.

And don’t forget the plain fun…

Rediscover your inner child and let your imagination run wild with wacky motifs to add a splash of fun and irreverence to your living space. Whimsical nautical elements or animal prints might be just the thing to get you in a playful frame of mind for spring.

Simple as it may sound, a new rug can really update the look of your room, change the mood, make a space feel so much cosier and pulled together, and make a statement. So what’s yours going to be over the shifting seasons?