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Out of the box DIY ideas for couples

Looking to spend more quality time with your sweet? Why not do something different that won’t break the bank and will give you the chance to explore your creative sides together. You don’t have to be a DIY whizz or know how to operate power tools to make pretty things for your home. These ideas for couples’ crafts will make for a date that’s anything but ordinary:

Get your renovating vibe on and spruce up your drab beach or patio umbrella with a bit of material paint and a funky stencil. Or using wall paint you can do the same for tired-looking walls in your house. The designs and possibilities are endless, so get down to your nearest arts and crafts supplier and let the creative juices flow!

Wine lovers rejoice, because you don’t have to throw away your old corks. Instead use them to create a craft with special sentiment that looks great. Make a cork pin board for your office using nothing but a large empty frame with a backing board, used corks which you cut in half, and a good wood glue to paste your corks onto the board. You can also have fun with quirky patterns!

Ever wondered what to do with all those pebbles that you’ve collected on your walks along the beach, à la Meryl Streep in the film ‘Something’s Gotta Give’?  Here’s an easy way to brighten up a boring corner of your patio or garden. All you need is netting wire that you cut into a double heart shape using a wire cutter, thicker garden wire to frame your heart, your pebble collection to fill it with and wire pliers to tie everything together.

Make a stunning photo collage of your memories together – have your special moments printed on wooden blocks and build a memory wall in fun shapes or patterns. Or simply put your pictures in a variety of frames combining different colours and materials (making frames yourself is another great idea for a craft you can do together).

There are few things more rewarding than making something beautiful with your hands. Even more so if it’s something that is actually useful and can be enjoyed in your home. Crafting is a wonderful hobby to share with your partner. Just keep it simple and interesting for both of you and you’re bound to up the fun, and romance.