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Get your closet winter ready and gorgeous looking

Get your closet winter ready and gorgeous looking

Forget about spring cleaning, autumn is the time to clear out your closet and clamp down on clutter to make way for your woolly winter best. One of the most neglected spaces in the house when it comes to reorganising is often the bedroom, and more specifically the closet. Yet it is an area where we spend a lot of time and therefore it stands to reason that a great looking, tidy closet will go a long way towards cultivating a happy frame of mind. Try these helpful hints for a stress-free, uncluttered closet this winter.

Make the most of your space

Most of us have the problem of very little closet space, right? And while you continue to yearn for that spacious walk-in closet of your dreams, it worthwhile to optimise the smaller space you currently have.  Use an over-the-door shoe organiser, or hang-in-the-closet versions if you have enough space. Ideally, look for ones where you can put both shoes in one slot. Small, cheap bookshelves are great for winter boots. And switching to space-saving felt hangers will also help to make more space for those bulky winter items like coats.

Get rid of items you no longer need or want

In keeping with the idea of maximising your space, it might be time to clear out your closet completely. A good tip is to throw all your clothes in a big pile on the floor, and then start to arrange it in smaller piles based on seasonality and how often you wear it. Put the strappy dresses and other summer clothes in a separate closet, along with the sentimental items you never wear but cannot bear to part with. The important thing to keep in mind is that your closet should fit your lifestyle. Keep the things you love and wear often at easy reach and pack away those numbers you haven’t worn in 10 years.

Come up with your own system that works for you

Make your closet a happy space. Add a mirror and some soft lights – it needn’t look and feel like a clothing store dressing room with awful lighting when you stand in front of your own closet. Arrange your clothes into sections that makes it easy for you to find what you need, when you need it.  You could for example, sort your clothes by clothing type (e.g. t-shirts/pants together), occasion (work clothes separate from party clothes and everyday clothes, and also by season.  

Reorganising a cluttered closet can be overwhelming. Don’t get discouraged – it is bound to take some time so take it easy and pour yourself a glass of wine and get your favourite tunes on. Be creative in the process and find ways to make your closet space work for you, and make it a happy place just in time for winter.