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Essentials for the perfect beach picnic

Essentials for the perfect beach picnic

There are few things in life as alluring as a picnic on the beach. The relaxing surrounds of waves breaking on the shore, the company of your loved ones, and a dreamy spot to idle away the day while enjoying some fine alfresco food, drinks and fun in the sun.

To ensure that your beach picnic experience is a stress-free and memorable one, however, it might be worth your while to take along the following must-haves:

  1. Comfy beach chairs and oversized towels or tablecloths for your seaside feast. And naturally a soft blanket or throw and pillow for that customary siesta after lunch, along with your favourite read, will do quite nicely!
  2. Make life simple for yourself by packing finger foods that you can easily eat with your hands, thereby cutting down on unnecessary cutlery that require washing up afterwards and tend to get lost on the beach in any case. Think tasty wraps, fried chicken, pasta salads, kebabs, and sweet treats like cupcakes and brownies. Anything that tastes great cold, and isn’t too difficult to handle without getting a helping of sand into the mix. Wet wipes instead of napkins will also serve you well.
  3. Don’t forget that all-important cooler box packed with ice cold drinks, festive fruity garnishes for your drinks, loads of ice and drinking water. It will also keep your perishable foods cool and fresh throughout the day.
  4. If you prefer spending your beach time a bit more actively, remember to take along your accessories for activities, like beach tennis, volleyball, bodyboard or the beach staple frisbee.
  5. Make sure you have enough shade. Obviously, you checked the weather forecast beforehand and made sure that you’ve chosen the perfect sunny and preferably windless day for your picnic. Now you need a good beach umbrella, hat, sunglasses and sunscreen to stay comfortable and safe when the rays start to blaze.  

Once you have mastered the art of the effortlessly luxurious picnic, there will be no end to your enjoyment of the great coastal outdoors. Finally, don’t forget to soak up the beautiful view like a sea sponge…and relax! 

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