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Cosy up your beach house this autumn with colour, texture and detail

Cooler days and nights are upon us with the arrival of autumn, and that means showing your beach-inspired home, whether it is on the actual coast or in the interior, some love with more warmth and comforting detail. A few subtle changes and additions can go a long way towards creating a cosy, welcoming feel, without detracting from the nautical soul of your beach house or breaking the bank. Try these simple yet inspired suggestions to create your own mellow autumn decor vibe –

An inviting focal point

First up on your autumn decor to-do list, create a central focal point in your house that makes visitors feel right at home. Think about a daybed on a porch nook, which also doubles up as a comfortable destination for curling up with a good book. Throw pillows with plenty of texture and soft blankets will add to a luxurious autumn look. We also love these eye-catching drinks trays from Block and Chisel to create an atmospheric bar corner in your home.

Lovely layers add intrigue

In the same way that you dress for cooler weather, add layers to your home with pillows and throw blankets. Use this time to experiment with mixing textures, patterns, and warmer colours. The contrast between natural materials and soft fabrics can also be used to create interest and warmth.  

Splashes of earthy and warm colours

Even bright white can feel autumnal when combined with warm oranges, reds or browns. Consider giving those sea glass tones a break until spring or balance them with more seasonal slipcovers, pillows or throws. We think the new Shorelines 2 fabric collection from Hertex simply hits the spot for this cross-over autumn seaside look. Check it out here.

Beauty in the small things

Something as simple as a bright bunch of flowers in a beautiful vase can instantly make a room come alive and give your home a more inviting atmosphere. Yellows, oranges, reds, and purples are perfect for autumn. Or glam up your tables and mantelpieces with your own arrangement of seasonal produce like pumpkins and pomegranates, combined with sprayed pine cones and autumn foliage, even feathers. Your imagination is truly the limit!