The Beachhouse Lifestyle

  • Seaside Dream

    Bringing the Beachhouse lifestyle into your home is the first step towards the relaxation you crave and the Beachhouse is here to help you turn your house from a city dweller into a sprawling mecca fit for a queen or king.Furniture is your biggest decorating investment, and that makes it so important to choose the right pieces. 

  • Sustainable seaside living (Part 1)

    Whether you are a seasoned environmental champion or relative newbie to living lightly, one needn’t look far to realise the devastating effects of climate change and pollution on our oceans. According to the WWF, sea levels that are expected to rise by up to 69 cm in the next 100 years due to global warming, and increasing carbon dioxide levels acidifying our seas are among the many serious threats facing our marine ecosystems.

  • Sustainable seaside living (Part 2)

    So in keeping with the sustainability theme, let’s look as how we can lessen our impact on the environment as coastal dwellers through simple everyday lifestyle choices.Do you know that millions of tons of waste generated on earth end up in the ocean every year, plastic being a major culprit and threat for marine life? Apart from recycling existing waste, creating less of the dreaded stuff should be at the top of our eco-championing lifestyle list.

  • Food and wine pairings: Coastal inspiration

    Marie Claire recently published a popular feature geared at twenty-somethings about wine and cheese combos that sing when matched together. While it is a well-known fact that wine and cheese are a culinary match made in heaven, there are many lesser known food and wine pairings that beg for experimentation by the adventurous foodie, and will add a whole new sensory dimension to your tasting experience.

  • Sensational wine-inspired cocktails for effortless entertaining

    Nothing says al fresco dining, long, lazy lunches and lots of poolside fun like a cool cocktail. For wine lovers the possibilities are endless when it comes to mixing this tipple and you can whip up amazing-looking and tasty creations with little hassle. So why not impress your guests with a yummy wine-based cocktail – here are some suggestions guaranteed to refresh and impress:
    Strawberry Lemon Sauvie

  • Tapping into the sea’s myriad of spa treasures

    Whether you are religious or not, the healing and meditative powers of water and the ocean are well documented. It can be something as simple as taking a barefoot walk on the beach, the coarse sea sand gently massaging your feet, or being whisked to a state of relaxation by the soothing repetition of waves breaking on the shore, but there can be no disputing the natural health-giving and restorative properties of the ocean.

  • Ultimate Oceanside wine destinations

    If you’re a serious oenophile you have probably dreamed about visiting a famous global wine capital or two. Well picture this: Waking up in an exotic location, surrounded by quaint wineries and steeped in history and culture. And nearby the sound of breaking waves is calling you to pristine sun-drenched beaches. Now that is what we call having it al – a wine holiday by the sea!