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  • The beachhouse joins hands with Clean C to clear our beaches of fireworks

    Guy Fawkes Day, held annually on 5 November, is known for dazzling displays of fireworks – also on our Cape beaches. And while pretty to look at, these fireworks leave a massive mess in their wake, and this litter lands up in the ocean with disastrous consequences for marine life. This year, the beachhouse wines will be partnering with Clean C to rid our beaches of the debris caused by fireworks and restore them to their natural, pristine state.

  • World Cleanup Day – be the difference you want to see!

    This year World Cleanup Day will be celebrated on 15 September 2018, and beach lovers all over the globe will be rolling up their sleeves and getting their hands dirty in an effort to clean our rubbish-riddled coastlines. Our oceans are facing a human-made disaster of mammoth proportions. It is estimated that by 2050, there will be more plastic than fish in the sea. Apart from being ingested by seabirds and other marine wildlife, a lot of this litter washes up on our shores, making beach clean-up initiatives an indispensable part of the fight against coastal pollution.

  • Share your beachhouse moment

    So what is a beachhouse moment? If you are a regular reader of the beachhouse lifestyle blog, you’re likely to have a good idea, but here are some of the idyllic scenes that spring to mind…

    · It’s a long, lazy beachside lunch with good friends, good wine and the freshest seafood, soaking up the sun and relaxing vibes.

    · It is an afternoon siesta in a hammock overlooking the ocean, and the gentle murmur of the waves lulling your mind away from meetings and deadlines, and into blissful tranquillity.

  • Captivating tastes of the West Coast

    Local tourism organisation West Coast Way has recently given this often underrated tourist destination a much-needed boost with the introduction of four exciting routes for visitors, each highlighting different categories of things to see and do along the West Coast. Of special significance for seafood-loving travellers, should be the Foodie Route, which showcases the amazing food heritage of the region.

  • The beachhouse wines red wine is making waves!

    I’ve long been a fan of this honest, easy-to-drink, satisfying red wine. The sweet nose is floral with plush dark fruit and a meaty note with a whiff of the smokey tar that made me write ‘SA’ on my note. Wines should signal where they come from, and this perfectly-priced Western Cape wine does just that.
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  • The beachhouse is the biggest selling South African wine in the USA

    In the All  Imported Category for Sauvignon Blanc wines from around the world for this same period, the beachhouse ranks at a very respectable 15th best seller in Dollar sales.
    As South Africans revel at the height of the summer and take to the beaches for the festive season, the beachhouse wines are spreading sunny South African cheer to warm up the USA winter.

  • Food and wine. A simple pairing

    BBQ Ribs is amongest everyone’s favourite dish to make on the Grill.  Continuous basting of these ribs over a low heat makes for one amazing dish that would have friends and family begging for more. 
    YOU’LL NEED: (Serves 4-6)
    3 Racks baby back ribs (beef or pork)
    2 Teaspoon Salt
    2 Teaspoon Coarse ground black pepper
    1 Cup the beachhouse Red wine
    2 Cups chopped Onion
    2 Cloves Garlic