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5 Summer Salads with the beachhouse wines that will blow your guests away

The mercury is rising, and along with summer, it’s time to celebrate outdoor dining and to live lighter with sensational salads and a glass of cold, refreshing vino – preferably on a seaside porch! Here are our favourite picks for satisfying summer salads, perfect for sharing with a bottle of the beachhouse Rosé or Sauvignon Blanc at your next dinner party.

1. Quinoa and goat’s cheese salad

This nutty quinoa and goat’s cheese salad is an excellent match for the off-dry the beachhouse Rosé with its well-defined berry and cherry fruit. The bright acidity of the wine, in particular, amplifies the tangy goat’s cheese flavour.

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2. Crayfish and citrus salad with tangy lemon mayonnaise

Crayfish is a rare treat if you can get it, and an authentic taste of the West Coast. Together with the citrus notes and lemony mayonnaise in this salad, this shellfish is spectacular when enjoyed with the beachhouse Sauvignon Blanc.

Recipe credit: Nicky Lawson via

3. Blueberry, broccoli and spinach salad

This fresh, colourful blueberry, broccoli and spinach salad incorporate some beautiful produce in season now. The berry combo of fresh blueberries and dried cranberries echoes the delicate red fruit flavours of the beachhouse Rosé.

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4. Lime, corn and soy chicken with Asian Slaw

Soy is a notoriously tricky ingredient to pair with wine, but in this salad of grilled chicken combined with warm Asian spices, it is a brilliant match for the sweet yet refreshing fruit of the beachhouse Rosé.

Recipe credit: Carey Boucher-Erasmus,

5. Nicoise-style salad with blackened trout

As you can tell, we love our pescatarian dishes on this site, and this one is another smash hit. The delicate trout, fresh asparagus and lemony sumac in this spicy salad simply sing with the beachhouse Sauvignon Blanc.

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