If you are looking for the best wine to chill with, then look no further

We make great South African wines that taste as good as a glassful of sunshine and bring the beachhouse to you. Relax and discover the beachhouse range right here.

Bh Sauv Blanc 1416 X 945

'The Beachhouse'

Sauvignon Blanc

A light and refreshing palate teaser, packed with sunny, tropical passion fruit and pineapple, invigorated by a citrus twang and a lively lemon and lime surge on the dry, frisky finish.

Bh Rosž

'The Beachhouse'


Red cherry lollipops, raspberry and strawberry jelly, Turkish Delight and cotton candy. a wine that is as pretty as its soft pink colour and instantly alluring ripe fruity and rose petal floral aromas. A beautifully balanced wine with a softly sweet and succulent summer berry aftertaste that is tantalisingly more-ish.

Bh Pinot Grigio

'The Beachhouse'

Pinot grigio

Gentle handling with soft pressing and must fermentation under controlled temperatures to preserve fruit aromas and flavours.

Bh Char

'The Beachhouse'


A burst of ripe and juicy sunny peach and pineapple aromas and flavours that are lifted with a swirl of citrus, finishing with tangy lemon
freshness. A lively, fruity yet dry Chardonnay that is effortlessly engaging and graceful.

Bh Sunset Red

'The Beachhouse'


A friendly medium bodied red, packed with succulent sun-ripened summer berries and enticing hints of vanilla and spice. Effortlessly
soft, smooth with a juicy fruit finish.